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Just went so see Madina Lake.. wtf. they are son of dork with some twins and worse music.

least me and simon got in for free. I found one ticket outside. and some poor lass couldnt sell hers so gave simon one. so didnt have to pay a goddam 15quid each!
only went to see Halifax anyway!

some pied pieper guy was playing a whistle at the station. i booted some french german sausage thing in a wrapper that was near him. few mins later he came over and picked it up saying "oh dear some will trip on this"

as i shoued that it was my fucking dinner he ran up the escaltor with it!

some bird in liverpool st station mcdonalds was in the blokes bogs with her torusers down asking me to come in with her..hmm

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Today at school a girl i work with splatted a vast amount of shaving foam in my eye, whilst trying to get it out, one kid threw a rubber frog at my other eye. Ouch

Another decided to throw all his items of clothing invidually over the quiet room door and then would spin around laughing, then wet him self and said oops. i left incase poo started being thrown haha

At swimming another decided to climb under all the changing rooms and lock em all. Annoying yet very clever.

A fork missed my head the other day

That is all.